Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New York City

Whats the largest city you ever visited? How about New York City? New York is the largest city in the United States and the most populous city in the United States. It is also one of the biggest cities in the world. There are many places to visit in NYC and I have no idea where I would start. 
Let’s go over some general information over New York. The overall population is over 8 Million people! Thats more nearly eight times as much people in our home state of Nebraska! The city itself is 13.5 miles long and 2.3 at its widest point. Overall, New York City is 33.6 square miles.
For food lovers, there are literally thousands (maybe even millions) of restaurants in the city both fast food and big fancy restaurants. From Subway to Arby’s and from Olive Garden to Tavern on the Green. There are at least three types of New York Styles of food; New York Hotdog, New York Pizza even New York Cheesecake! 
Since New York is so big, you may be thinking there are many places to visit and you’re correct! I would defiantly recommend going one of the most famous landmarks in the United States, the Statue of Liberty (the big green lady.) If you love trains, you will certainly want to visit Grand Central Station in downtown Manhattan. Another place I would recommend visiting is Rockerfeller Center! Rockerfeller Center is one of the busiest centers in New York! You can do so much there such as to visit the GE building, get tours of the NBC’s television studios and best of all, going Ice Skating! 
In conclusion, New York City would be a very awesome place to visit and that why it is on my bucket list! Although it might be hard to get to places with all the city traffic, but I think it’ll be worth waiting so you can let the buildings and taxis going along. So if I were you, I would put New York City on your bucket list!

Book; New York City
By. Michael Oreshes

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  1. I love NYC and I can't wait to take you there some day! First stop - visiting the plaza of The Today Show!