Friday, February 20, 2015

Why I want to go to College

Look at all of the important people around you. There is one common thing that lead them to success and that is college. Like most people, I want to go to college, get a job and a family.  My parents inspired me by going to college. My mom told me that it’s important to continue your education at the college level. She feels this way because the increased knowledge and degree will give you more employment opportunities. She thinks that going to college also helps students to meet new people and discover more options for their career.

For my future goals, before I go to college, I obviously have to graduate from High School. I want to go to a spacial mechanical college because I want to drive the big steam trains that Union Pacific has. Why do I want to go to this college? I need to learn a lot about operating one even though I already know a bunch. I want to do this job because it looks fun because I love trains and I’ve always wanted to have a job for the railroad. The college probably lasts about two good years. After I graduate from college, I will probably get the job for Union Pacific. I am also going to start a family, buy a house and so on. 

The college will help me get my education to my future job. They will show me what to do and what not to do. If you do the right things on the trains, they will work properly. If I were to practice something like that at the college and if I made a mistake, thats why they are here to help us along the way because everyone makes mistakes in life. If there’s something I don’t know they will show me how to do it or to make it look easier and understand easier. With the help from the teachers from the college, it will lead me to my education and graduate.

Who inspired me with getting a job for Union Pacific and their steam program? First of all, my Grandpa inspired me because he used to be a train engineer for 30 years for the Burlington Northern Railroad. He also inspired me with trains. The Union Pacific Steam Crew of Cheyenne, Wyoming also inspired me of getting a job for them. I have met them many times in person and they are always so nice and respectful and I have always shared my thoughts or ideas with them. The steam crew has also giving me a ride in the cab of one of their big steam engines once.

In the end when I graduate from college, I will certainly want a job for the Union Pacific Steam Crew in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I want this job because it sure does look like fun but it’s not just fun, its also very difficult to do too. Besides, I don’t want a job thats bores me to death, I’ve always wanted a job that is fun to do!

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