Saturday, December 13, 2014

Kenefick Park/ Lauritzen Gardens

If you were to visit a place anywhere in Nebraska with trains big and small, then you should visit Kenefick Park/ Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha. Lauritzen has a wonderful building which is filled with beautiful plants, tables/ benches, a gift shop and Garden scale (G-Scale) model trains that run indoors and out. Every season, the plants in the building changes, but I think that christmas is the best out of all of them! Inside is filled with poinsettias, model trains running on track and a dramatic band that plays christmas carols. In the summer, there's a back door of the building which leads to a maze of billions of more model trains and beautiful gardens. In my opinion, I think that Lauriten Gardens is the best gardens in the state of Nebraska! 
But where are the real trains? Outside the front door of the wonderful building, there's a concrete sidewalk that leads to a hill and a large stairway which seem to go on for miles. Once you get to the top of the stairway, there is a curved walkway that lead to two of the most legendary trains of all time! These engines on top of this hill are the largest locomotives ever produced both steam and diesel. Both of them were made by my favorite railroad, the Union Pacific. These legends are called the "Big Boy" and the "Centennial". Union Pacific was known for having the largest locomotives ever built for both steam and diesel. The Big Boy was the largest steam locomotive ever built, and the Centennial was the largest diesel electric ever built. This Big Boy numbered 4023 has "lived" in Omaha for 40 years now. For as the Centennial numbered 6900 has lived here for over 25 years. There are steel fences that surround the engines like force fields. However a lot of people break those rules by going under or over the fence to climb on these beasts (one of those would be me). Besides 6900 and 4023, you can even see the historical Missouri River where Nebraska meets its neighboring state Iowa. In front of you, you will see Interstate 80 and looking a little to the west, you see the Desert Dome of the Henry Doorly Zoo. People on the interstate can see the Big Boy and the Centennial and words that read Kenefick Park or Welcome to Omaha from the people who have just crossed the border into Beautiful Nebraska. This place is also one of the most relaxing places too. You can have picnics or just relax on the benches which seem to be made by angels. The bad part is when its time to leave. Now if you want to visit a place anywhere in Nebraska which has garden scale trains runnig through gardens or just to look at some of the most legendary trains of all time, Kenefick Park/ Lauritzen Gardens is the perfect example! That's how the gardens and the park are so special to Nebraska.

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  1. Remember the view we had of "The Legends" while riding the UP 844 on the tracks down below Kenefick Park next to the river? That was an awesome day!