Friday, November 14, 2014

Precious Freedom

Sean Gildersleeve
Period 4 Precious Freedom

Do you ever wonder why our precious nation, the United States of America, has religious freedom? In my vision, I think its the symbols of freedom, ways to celebrate our precious freedom, and my personal connections.  
What do I think of the symbols of freedom? I think our most valuable symbol of freedom of all is our amazing flag. With 13 wonderful red and white stripes and 50 stars representing the number of our wonderful states, our flag is a wonderful masterpiece!  Not only do we have our flag, we also have the pretty colors of red, white and blue. The eagle is another wonderful symbol because it is the national bird of our sweet land.
There are many different ways to celebrate our religious freedom. The most famous way to celebrate is the Fourth of July. Why the fourth of July? On that day in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed and approved. Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams were the three men who wrote the Declaration of Independence.  Veterans Day is another great way to celebrate our religious freedom. Not only do we celebrate our freedom on Veterans Day, we also celebrate  our veterans who fought for our freedom on every November 11th. Memorial Day is almost the same as Veterans Day but it is celebrated for veterans who died while fighting or veterans who passed away not that long ago in their own homes. 
I have a personal connection to those who helped fight for our American freedom. My Grandpa Gildersleeve was in the US Navy and was an officer on the USS St. Paul which is credited for the last shot fired of World War II. The St. Paul was next to the USS Missouri when Japan surrendered. My Grandpa Harv served at Ellsworth Army Air Base as a mechanic who worked on both vehicles and large guns, in the 1950’s. Most recently, my cousin Brent was deployed to Afghanistan for an entire year between 2011 and 2012. Working with the Navy, he was actually based inside a top secret location and helped secure intelligence for the troops. 
Now that you have read this article, you now know what the symbols of freedom and ways to celebrate that freedom means to me. You are also more likely to understand my personal connection to our nations freedom through our flag, the colors, Fourth of July, the service of my Grandpas, you name it!  I salute all veterans both alive and dead and say thank you for protecting our precious nation. I sure hope everyone had a great Veterans Day!

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