Friday, October 31, 2014

The Legend of Twin Ghosts

Sean Gildersleeve
Period 4

Have you ever been tricked by a pair of twins? Well it happened to the majority of students so many years ago. About 15 years ago there were two twin ghosts named Chad and Thad. They had a pet zombie panda named Po which was also a ghost who strummed on his very own guitar. They all lived in the many dumpsters on the property. They would usually sleep in different ugly ones every night (including Po). The twins dressed in T-shirts, shorts and tennis shoes. Both were about the same height (5.4) but Thad was chubbier then his twin brother Chad. 

Twins mean trouble; they were rude in all kinds of ways. They sometimes sneezed randomly all over the many walls, floors and doors. That’s how those students got sick almost all of the time.  One time, a new kid came to OHS and the troublesome twins had a clever idea. Some kids were walking behind him ”Look how fat he is!”. “Ya, and look at his shirt, it smells like tar” said the twins, but the other kids did’t hear them.  The new kid’s name was Charlie Burtwhistle and he was highly offended even though he wasn’t really any of those mean things. The next thing you know is they were in an argument, but the twins didn’t care! They were feeling very pleased with themselves. 

Not only were Thad and Chad rude, they were also very naughty (obviously). At lunch they would grab someones food and throw it high up to the ceiling or slapped it into somebody's face. That would always lead to a food fight! Chad and Thad snickered to each other and enjoyed the food fight until someone caught them and gave them all a detention. The troublesome twins faintly disappeared and went back to their little den of trouble. One of their favorite tricks was to fool students that they were (almost) identical twins. One time, Chad was walking beside a kid named Jered Hamik and Thad was on the other side of him but Thad had vanished! Chad said hi to Jered and as soon as he looked at Chad, he vanished and Thad appeared! He said hi to him to, then he also disappeared! The same thing went on and on and on until finally both of them decided to both walk right up in front of Jered! “BOO!” He was so scared and confused that he went inside the bathroom and hid. He wasn’t the only one who had been fooled by that confusing trick.

Po the pet panda, would not always stay in the dumpster so lazily. He use to play tricks on all kinds of students and teachers too!  One time, Po went into the band room where Mr. Dean was and the other students didn’t know he was even there. Mr. Dean was about to conduct the school song (Illinois Loyalty). Po played random notes on his electric guitar, NEEEERRR NEEERR NEEEERRRR!! Everyone stopped! No one knew who did that until, Po appeared and played more on his sleek guitar. Everyone was so scared that they all screamed very loudly, including Mr.Dean, he screamed like a little girl and hid in his office scared and confused! “Is he gone?,” he asked, still alarmed!  Yes, he was gone; he had went back to his dumpster. 

Chad, Thad and Po soon got sick of O’Neill so they moved on westward to Atkinson and beyond. They’re still around too!   Remember, don’t get tricked by twins or animals who play on  guitars! NEEERRR NEERRRRR!!!

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  1. Great Story Sean I liked how you described what they wore and what they did!!!