Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween at Hogwarts

Sean Gildersleeve
Period 4

Halloween at Hogwarts
As I scurried into the Great Halls of Hogwarts with my friend Ron, right away we smelled the dirty odor of the dramatic hallways. I looked down one hallway and he looked down another hallway. The one I looked down was dark and creepy and the other hallway lead to the room of the party. As we crept closer to the huge room where the Halloween Party was going to take place, we could smell the wonderful scents of all of the food that was available at the party.

Ron and I could smell the wonderful aroma of the cheesy pizza, the hot hamburgers, the buffalo wings and the hint of s’mores, sweet cookies and all kinds of wonderful pie! We sat down at one of the tables in the center of the ginormous room. For dinner, I got pizza with corn and a sweet chocolate shake. As for Ron, he got a cheeseburger with all kinds of toppings, french fries and a vanilla milk shake. We literally devoured our food in five minutes. 

Everybody played tons of games! There was a contest where everybody participated in magic. They used a magic wand to make something disappear or to transform it into something else. Ron and I didn’t know how we were going to do, so we tried what we could. Ron and I did something together that amazed the audience. We set up a table with a brick and a little door knob. The trick was to swap the two objects into different locations. “Espeiliomous”, I cried and then BOOM! There was the brick and the door knob which had swapped places! 

Everybody  cried, “Very well, I’m impressed to see how far you gentlemen have come”, said Professor Dumbledore. There was a huge party in the enormous room where dinner was held. Everybody looked dressed up for Halloween. Ron and I dressed up as wizards. There was scary Halloween music for the party and everybody had a blast, including Ron and I. It took quite a while until Ron and I both fell asleep. Before we went to bed, we talked how our day went and how awesome the party was! I wish Halloween at Hogwarts would occur more often!

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