Friday, September 12, 2014

Unforgettable Day

The time has come. It was finally the last day of school. Not only was it the last day of school, it was also the last day at the elementary school, before moving up to Jr. High!

As always, Mom dropped me off at school. I walked up to the building in the morning one last time, went outside before going to class, then went to class for the last time. Mr. Dziowgo was my home room teacher for sixth grade. This was also his last year.  He had been teaching for an amazing 44 years. He was a great teacher to have and I was glad to have him for a teacher before retiring. 
Later that morning, everybody from grades Kindergarten to sixth grade gathered in the gym. Mr. Woodle announced awards for all of the grades. Then, Mrs. Hilker showed a Sixth Grade Goodbye video of all the students in the sixth grade, starting with Mr. Walter’s class. Next, came Mr. Dziowgo’s class and then Mrs. Olberding’s class [Mrs. Pommer]. The video first showed a baby picture, then a picture of what we look like now. After all three classes have been shown, the video also provided pictures of the sixth graders of the year of elementary school. Mrs. Hilker had done the sixth grade video before, but I think this time was more bittersweet because her daughter Makayla was also in sixth grade. When the assembly was over, we left first and lined out in the hall just outside the gym. We high-fived and gave a few hugs to all the students and parents [I accidentally hit somebody in the face [whoops]]. 
All of us went back to class after that event. We didn’t have lunch for a while, so we kind of had a party in all of our rooms. Lunch time came and the kids before us were watching the movie Frozen. I forgot what was served for lunch that day; even though I usually remember everything.  After lunch, all of us went back to the classrooms one more time. Mr. Dziowgo’s last moment of teaching has finally come, after 44 years of teaching. Then came the hard part; saying “Goodbye”! A lot of people were still waiting for rides to pick them up; so what did the rest of us do? Mrs. Olberding just had a baby 8 weeks before [I think], so she challenged us a race and she won! I even remember that I came in second place.

Even though I’m now in Jr. High with all my friends, as I’m about to finish this story, the last day of school will always be a great and memorable one that I’ll never forget!