Friday, August 29, 2014


Bedroom Writing 

Here is my room, my bed is located right along the south wall. My bedspread kind of matches the colors of my walls, which is navy blue, light blue, and silver [or grey]. The bedspread has two of those colors, navy blue and grey. White is the other color on my bedspread. It kind of seems like the camouflage based on the army. It’s not really that big or that small, so its right in the middle. My bed is as soft as a feather from a dove. I don’t have one but  two dressers, one of them holds all clothes and the other holds clothes and other items. They are colored in two colors, navy blue and silver. The silver part looks like real silver from the Rocky Mountains. Now to my closet. My closet is full of clothes [most of it is my moms!!!]. Her closet is so small, that she had to use mine for backup. There’s a shelf up on top, which is filled with, blankets, duffel bags and some old toys. My closet is dark too and it kind of scares me…. 

In my room, I even have my own desk to work on homework. Sometimes its nice and clean, sometimes its piled and wrecked. It has a bluish grey color to it, added with some coal black. Down below, it has three shelves which is filled with books, notebooks,some magazines and catalogs, which seems like a desk at school. I have one big window on the north wall. The outside of the window has a big protective screen, like a soldiers shield in medieval times. There’s a fake Nebraska football that goes right through the window, like a car crashing into a building. The curtains that surround the window, also matches the colors on my bed and walls. I even have not one, not two, but three lamps in my room. Two of them are regular lamps and the other lamp is a lava lamp. One of the two regular lamps is as scarlet as a queens dress. The other is a dull tan color. I am rich beyond measure.