Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ode to O'Neill

O'Neill, Nebraska,
Home of the O'Neill Eagles.
Worlds Largest Shamrock,
very shocking.
Public Schools,
always ready to learn.
Local businesses,
always there for you.
Friends and Family,
is our main role in O'Neill.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Kenefick Park/ Lauritzen Gardens

If you were to visit a place anywhere in Nebraska with trains big and small, then you should visit Kenefick Park/ Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha. Lauritzen has a wonderful building which is filled with beautiful plants, tables/ benches, a gift shop and Garden scale (G-Scale) model trains that run indoors and out. Every season, the plants in the building changes, but I think that christmas is the best out of all of them! Inside is filled with poinsettias, model trains running on track and a dramatic band that plays christmas carols. In the summer, there's a back door of the building which leads to a maze of billions of more model trains and beautiful gardens. In my opinion, I think that Lauriten Gardens is the best gardens in the state of Nebraska! 
But where are the real trains? Outside the front door of the wonderful building, there's a concrete sidewalk that leads to a hill and a large stairway which seem to go on for miles. Once you get to the top of the stairway, there is a curved walkway that lead to two of the most legendary trains of all time! These engines on top of this hill are the largest locomotives ever produced both steam and diesel. Both of them were made by my favorite railroad, the Union Pacific. These legends are called the "Big Boy" and the "Centennial". Union Pacific was known for having the largest locomotives ever built for both steam and diesel. The Big Boy was the largest steam locomotive ever built, and the Centennial was the largest diesel electric ever built. This Big Boy numbered 4023 has "lived" in Omaha for 40 years now. For as the Centennial numbered 6900 has lived here for over 25 years. There are steel fences that surround the engines like force fields. However a lot of people break those rules by going under or over the fence to climb on these beasts (one of those would be me). Besides 6900 and 4023, you can even see the historical Missouri River where Nebraska meets its neighboring state Iowa. In front of you, you will see Interstate 80 and looking a little to the west, you see the Desert Dome of the Henry Doorly Zoo. People on the interstate can see the Big Boy and the Centennial and words that read Kenefick Park or Welcome to Omaha from the people who have just crossed the border into Beautiful Nebraska. This place is also one of the most relaxing places too. You can have picnics or just relax on the benches which seem to be made by angels. The bad part is when its time to leave. Now if you want to visit a place anywhere in Nebraska which has garden scale trains runnig through gardens or just to look at some of the most legendary trains of all time, Kenefick Park/ Lauritzen Gardens is the perfect example! That's how the gardens and the park are so special to Nebraska.

Persona Poem

I'm always hauling something.
I'm always stumping out of the 
stations and depots.
My legs are always very tired
after a nice long run.
I always replenish with
food and water.
There's always a 
backpack with me.
Day or night,
I will always be
right on time!
I'm a train.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

5 Senses

When I think of Summer,
I always think the hotness of
the toaster baking sun.
When it comes to smells,
I always think of burgers and hot dogs
on the grill and the pure fresh air.
Summer is probably the most beautiful
seasons of all!
You can just see the
winding rivers,
everlasting mountains,
colorful canyons and
endless, hot deserts.
Summer is peaceful of
less work days and
no school.
Summer taste like hot
buffalo wings.

Name Poem

It means kind, eager and athletic.
It is the number 84,439,854,014.
It is like the color of the O'Neill Eagles.
It is going to dances/parties.
It is the memory of Phil Gildersleeve
who taught me fishing and hunting, 
It was how he got taut from his father.
My name is Sean, and it means,
believing in God.

Monday, December 8, 2014


Chevrolet Joke



Found Poems

There was once a boy who had a biological mother. His real parent were too young to be parents so they gave him up for adoption. The biological son had a friend who was a girl who was so romantic and artistic. The boy's name was Steve. But one day, his biological mother developed cancer strongly, and Steve believed in her naively. She always used to tell Steve that, "If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you'll most certainly right." The doctors tried all the medications there was until they finally found the right type. That was the closest she had faced death. She said it felt like a brick hitting her in the head. Thats when Steve learned that death is very likely the single best invention of life.


Traveling on a train.
Riding the rails.
Axils always in motion.
Ice won't stop a train.
Never will stop loving trains!


What does confidence mean to me? It means a lot to me because I always try my best in everything that I do. How does it relate to the movie? Everyone who was blind (including the kids) wanted to prove that they were special in their own way by trying to reach the summit of Mt. Everest in the country of Tibet. As the group of the blind reached higher and higher grades of the Himalaya Mountains in the continent of Asia, the less oxygen there was to breathe. Some of them couldn’t make it but the others forged on as far as they could. They never did reach the summit of Everest but they sure did give it their best effort! How does confidence relate to me? Baseball is the answer. Through our season, our team was pretty good but we did have our weaknesses. I always played confident throughout the season, tried my best and never gave up! In my opinion, I think that was one of the main reasons why we won the championship by playing with confidence. That’s what I think about confidence. What about you?
by Sean G. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Life is Trains

Life is trains! Always find a station that fits you. May you be the conductor you wish to be. Highball for the tracks you wish to choose!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Precious Freedom

Sean Gildersleeve
Period 4 Precious Freedom

Do you ever wonder why our precious nation, the United States of America, has religious freedom? In my vision, I think its the symbols of freedom, ways to celebrate our precious freedom, and my personal connections.  
What do I think of the symbols of freedom? I think our most valuable symbol of freedom of all is our amazing flag. With 13 wonderful red and white stripes and 50 stars representing the number of our wonderful states, our flag is a wonderful masterpiece!  Not only do we have our flag, we also have the pretty colors of red, white and blue. The eagle is another wonderful symbol because it is the national bird of our sweet land.
There are many different ways to celebrate our religious freedom. The most famous way to celebrate is the Fourth of July. Why the fourth of July? On that day in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed and approved. Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams were the three men who wrote the Declaration of Independence.  Veterans Day is another great way to celebrate our religious freedom. Not only do we celebrate our freedom on Veterans Day, we also celebrate  our veterans who fought for our freedom on every November 11th. Memorial Day is almost the same as Veterans Day but it is celebrated for veterans who died while fighting or veterans who passed away not that long ago in their own homes. 
I have a personal connection to those who helped fight for our American freedom. My Grandpa Gildersleeve was in the US Navy and was an officer on the USS St. Paul which is credited for the last shot fired of World War II. The St. Paul was next to the USS Missouri when Japan surrendered. My Grandpa Harv served at Ellsworth Army Air Base as a mechanic who worked on both vehicles and large guns, in the 1950’s. Most recently, my cousin Brent was deployed to Afghanistan for an entire year between 2011 and 2012. Working with the Navy, he was actually based inside a top secret location and helped secure intelligence for the troops. 
Now that you have read this article, you now know what the symbols of freedom and ways to celebrate that freedom means to me. You are also more likely to understand my personal connection to our nations freedom through our flag, the colors, Fourth of July, the service of my Grandpas, you name it!  I salute all veterans both alive and dead and say thank you for protecting our precious nation. I sure hope everyone had a great Veterans Day!

Friday, October 31, 2014

The Legend of Twin Ghosts

Sean Gildersleeve
Period 4

Have you ever been tricked by a pair of twins? Well it happened to the majority of students so many years ago. About 15 years ago there were two twin ghosts named Chad and Thad. They had a pet zombie panda named Po which was also a ghost who strummed on his very own guitar. They all lived in the many dumpsters on the property. They would usually sleep in different ugly ones every night (including Po). The twins dressed in T-shirts, shorts and tennis shoes. Both were about the same height (5.4) but Thad was chubbier then his twin brother Chad. 

Twins mean trouble; they were rude in all kinds of ways. They sometimes sneezed randomly all over the many walls, floors and doors. That’s how those students got sick almost all of the time.  One time, a new kid came to OHS and the troublesome twins had a clever idea. Some kids were walking behind him ”Look how fat he is!”. “Ya, and look at his shirt, it smells like tar” said the twins, but the other kids did’t hear them.  The new kid’s name was Charlie Burtwhistle and he was highly offended even though he wasn’t really any of those mean things. The next thing you know is they were in an argument, but the twins didn’t care! They were feeling very pleased with themselves. 

Not only were Thad and Chad rude, they were also very naughty (obviously). At lunch they would grab someones food and throw it high up to the ceiling or slapped it into somebody's face. That would always lead to a food fight! Chad and Thad snickered to each other and enjoyed the food fight until someone caught them and gave them all a detention. The troublesome twins faintly disappeared and went back to their little den of trouble. One of their favorite tricks was to fool students that they were (almost) identical twins. One time, Chad was walking beside a kid named Jered Hamik and Thad was on the other side of him but Thad had vanished! Chad said hi to Jered and as soon as he looked at Chad, he vanished and Thad appeared! He said hi to him to, then he also disappeared! The same thing went on and on and on until finally both of them decided to both walk right up in front of Jered! “BOO!” He was so scared and confused that he went inside the bathroom and hid. He wasn’t the only one who had been fooled by that confusing trick.

Po the pet panda, would not always stay in the dumpster so lazily. He use to play tricks on all kinds of students and teachers too!  One time, Po went into the band room where Mr. Dean was and the other students didn’t know he was even there. Mr. Dean was about to conduct the school song (Illinois Loyalty). Po played random notes on his electric guitar, NEEEERRR NEEERR NEEEERRRR!! Everyone stopped! No one knew who did that until, Po appeared and played more on his sleek guitar. Everyone was so scared that they all screamed very loudly, including Mr.Dean, he screamed like a little girl and hid in his office scared and confused! “Is he gone?,” he asked, still alarmed!  Yes, he was gone; he had went back to his dumpster. 

Chad, Thad and Po soon got sick of O’Neill so they moved on westward to Atkinson and beyond. They’re still around too!   Remember, don’t get tricked by twins or animals who play on  guitars! NEEERRR NEERRRRR!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Taunting Train

The Taunting Train
The Taunting Train travels spookily.
The Taunting Train travels spookily and trembling.
Traveling spookily, trembling, disturbing.
Spookily, trembling, disturbing, intently.
Every Halloween night, the Taunting Train
is hauling passengers mostly little children in their halloween costumes
leading to their DOOM!!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween at Hogwarts

Sean Gildersleeve
Period 4

Halloween at Hogwarts
As I scurried into the Great Halls of Hogwarts with my friend Ron, right away we smelled the dirty odor of the dramatic hallways. I looked down one hallway and he looked down another hallway. The one I looked down was dark and creepy and the other hallway lead to the room of the party. As we crept closer to the huge room where the Halloween Party was going to take place, we could smell the wonderful scents of all of the food that was available at the party.

Ron and I could smell the wonderful aroma of the cheesy pizza, the hot hamburgers, the buffalo wings and the hint of s’mores, sweet cookies and all kinds of wonderful pie! We sat down at one of the tables in the center of the ginormous room. For dinner, I got pizza with corn and a sweet chocolate shake. As for Ron, he got a cheeseburger with all kinds of toppings, french fries and a vanilla milk shake. We literally devoured our food in five minutes. 

Everybody played tons of games! There was a contest where everybody participated in magic. They used a magic wand to make something disappear or to transform it into something else. Ron and I didn’t know how we were going to do, so we tried what we could. Ron and I did something together that amazed the audience. We set up a table with a brick and a little door knob. The trick was to swap the two objects into different locations. “Espeiliomous”, I cried and then BOOM! There was the brick and the door knob which had swapped places! 

Everybody  cried, “Very well, I’m impressed to see how far you gentlemen have come”, said Professor Dumbledore. There was a huge party in the enormous room where dinner was held. Everybody looked dressed up for Halloween. Ron and I dressed up as wizards. There was scary Halloween music for the party and everybody had a blast, including Ron and I. It took quite a while until Ron and I both fell asleep. Before we went to bed, we talked how our day went and how awesome the party was! I wish Halloween at Hogwarts would occur more often!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hickory Dickory Dock

Hickory Dickory Dock, 
the puny little mouse ran up 
the TERRIFYING clock!
The clock dramatically struck one and down he ran!
Hickory Dickory Dock.

Monday, September 15, 2014

"Dot Day"

This book informs children and people that think they're not good at drawing but they don't realize that they are. Everybody in the whole world is creative is creative; even slop artist are creative.  In the book "The Dot", Vashti started with a little dot. One idea lead to another and she thought she could draw better dots! Remember, everybody is creative!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Unforgettable Day

The time has come. It was finally the last day of school. Not only was it the last day of school, it was also the last day at the elementary school, before moving up to Jr. High!

As always, Mom dropped me off at school. I walked up to the building in the morning one last time, went outside before going to class, then went to class for the last time. Mr. Dziowgo was my home room teacher for sixth grade. This was also his last year.  He had been teaching for an amazing 44 years. He was a great teacher to have and I was glad to have him for a teacher before retiring. 
Later that morning, everybody from grades Kindergarten to sixth grade gathered in the gym. Mr. Woodle announced awards for all of the grades. Then, Mrs. Hilker showed a Sixth Grade Goodbye video of all the students in the sixth grade, starting with Mr. Walter’s class. Next, came Mr. Dziowgo’s class and then Mrs. Olberding’s class [Mrs. Pommer]. The video first showed a baby picture, then a picture of what we look like now. After all three classes have been shown, the video also provided pictures of the sixth graders of the year of elementary school. Mrs. Hilker had done the sixth grade video before, but I think this time was more bittersweet because her daughter Makayla was also in sixth grade. When the assembly was over, we left first and lined out in the hall just outside the gym. We high-fived and gave a few hugs to all the students and parents [I accidentally hit somebody in the face [whoops]]. 
All of us went back to class after that event. We didn’t have lunch for a while, so we kind of had a party in all of our rooms. Lunch time came and the kids before us were watching the movie Frozen. I forgot what was served for lunch that day; even though I usually remember everything.  After lunch, all of us went back to the classrooms one more time. Mr. Dziowgo’s last moment of teaching has finally come, after 44 years of teaching. Then came the hard part; saying “Goodbye”! A lot of people were still waiting for rides to pick them up; so what did the rest of us do? Mrs. Olberding just had a baby 8 weeks before [I think], so she challenged us a race and she won! I even remember that I came in second place.

Even though I’m now in Jr. High with all my friends, as I’m about to finish this story, the last day of school will always be a great and memorable one that I’ll never forget! 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Six Word Story

I will succeed no matter what!


Bedroom Writing 

Here is my room, my bed is located right along the south wall. My bedspread kind of matches the colors of my walls, which is navy blue, light blue, and silver [or grey]. The bedspread has two of those colors, navy blue and grey. White is the other color on my bedspread. It kind of seems like the camouflage based on the army. It’s not really that big or that small, so its right in the middle. My bed is as soft as a feather from a dove. I don’t have one but  two dressers, one of them holds all clothes and the other holds clothes and other items. They are colored in two colors, navy blue and silver. The silver part looks like real silver from the Rocky Mountains. Now to my closet. My closet is full of clothes [most of it is my moms!!!]. Her closet is so small, that she had to use mine for backup. There’s a shelf up on top, which is filled with, blankets, duffel bags and some old toys. My closet is dark too and it kind of scares me…. 

In my room, I even have my own desk to work on homework. Sometimes its nice and clean, sometimes its piled and wrecked. It has a bluish grey color to it, added with some coal black. Down below, it has three shelves which is filled with books, notebooks,some magazines and catalogs, which seems like a desk at school. I have one big window on the north wall. The outside of the window has a big protective screen, like a soldiers shield in medieval times. There’s a fake Nebraska football that goes right through the window, like a car crashing into a building. The curtains that surround the window, also matches the colors on my bed and walls. I even have not one, not two, but three lamps in my room. Two of them are regular lamps and the other lamp is a lava lamp. One of the two regular lamps is as scarlet as a queens dress. The other is a dull tan color. I am rich beyond measure.