Friday, May 8, 2015

Choose your own Adventure "Author's Note"

This adventure was about a train engineer from the 1950's who has another regular day of work. He is the engineer on this run. How did I make it? The process of making this was by creating a map in Inspiration, Google Doc and then finally Keynote.  I made it by following signals and watching for traffic. I made it safely by concentrating on the tracks. I think it turned out very well. However I could've used something more monster-like. Again, I am very proud of this project.

Friday, April 17, 2015

My Inspiration

My mom, Connie Gildersleeve is a very inspiring person to me. Which in this case, why I think she is one of the most successful people that I know. She is successful because she went to school in McCook, NE, attended college, became a certified optometric technician , married twice, has a blended family and then became a TeamMates Coordinator and a Gallup Strengths Coach! Other accomplishments of hers include leading a shoe drive for Students4Soles which collected 13,694 pairs of shoes. The most rewarding part of the shoe drive was getting to distribute shoes to children in need in Costa Rica. Connie also directed the Children’s Church Christmas Program for nine years. She told me what defines success means in her own words, some problems she’s faced and how to handle them, accomplishments she's made and advice for others.

My mom has been a very successful person in her life and she thinks success is very important. She said that success is when you’ve done something you’re proud of and getting the checklist done for the day or knowing that you’ve done something to make yourself better. It also means to help others and doing something she is passionate about. When you have success, you just want more of it and that motivates you to accomplish more.

When problems occur, she looks back on it to see how it started. Then you put a plan together and act right away to settle the problem. The more you linger on the problem, the bigger the problem can become.

Accomplishments are very important to my mom but the most important for her is our family. She wants to make sure that we do our best in everything and to have good manners. She wants us to know how much she loves and cares about us. 

My mom does have a lot of advice for others. One of the big parts is to dream big and have ideas that you want to do in the future. Also to have ideas about what you want to achieve. Vision Boards are another great example. You can but all kinds of images and quotes on your vision board to focus on, to help you become successful in the future. Last but not least, she recommends that you focus on your strengths because it’s easier to be successful when you do what comes naturally to you.  

After all, my mom Connie is a very inspirational person to me and that’s why she is so successful in so many different ways and one of those is being successful at being a parent. Thank you Mom!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New York City

Whats the largest city you ever visited? How about New York City? New York is the largest city in the United States and the most populous city in the United States. It is also one of the biggest cities in the world. There are many places to visit in NYC and I have no idea where I would start. 
Let’s go over some general information over New York. The overall population is over 8 Million people! Thats more nearly eight times as much people in our home state of Nebraska! The city itself is 13.5 miles long and 2.3 at its widest point. Overall, New York City is 33.6 square miles.
For food lovers, there are literally thousands (maybe even millions) of restaurants in the city both fast food and big fancy restaurants. From Subway to Arby’s and from Olive Garden to Tavern on the Green. There are at least three types of New York Styles of food; New York Hotdog, New York Pizza even New York Cheesecake! 
Since New York is so big, you may be thinking there are many places to visit and you’re correct! I would defiantly recommend going one of the most famous landmarks in the United States, the Statue of Liberty (the big green lady.) If you love trains, you will certainly want to visit Grand Central Station in downtown Manhattan. Another place I would recommend visiting is Rockerfeller Center! Rockerfeller Center is one of the busiest centers in New York! You can do so much there such as to visit the GE building, get tours of the NBC’s television studios and best of all, going Ice Skating! 
In conclusion, New York City would be a very awesome place to visit and that why it is on my bucket list! Although it might be hard to get to places with all the city traffic, but I think it’ll be worth waiting so you can let the buildings and taxis going along. So if I were you, I would put New York City on your bucket list!

Book; New York City
By. Michael Oreshes

Friday, February 20, 2015

Why I want to go to College

Look at all of the important people around you. There is one common thing that lead them to success and that is college. Like most people, I want to go to college, get a job and a family.  My parents inspired me by going to college. My mom told me that it’s important to continue your education at the college level. She feels this way because the increased knowledge and degree will give you more employment opportunities. She thinks that going to college also helps students to meet new people and discover more options for their career.

For my future goals, before I go to college, I obviously have to graduate from High School. I want to go to a spacial mechanical college because I want to drive the big steam trains that Union Pacific has. Why do I want to go to this college? I need to learn a lot about operating one even though I already know a bunch. I want to do this job because it looks fun because I love trains and I’ve always wanted to have a job for the railroad. The college probably lasts about two good years. After I graduate from college, I will probably get the job for Union Pacific. I am also going to start a family, buy a house and so on. 

The college will help me get my education to my future job. They will show me what to do and what not to do. If you do the right things on the trains, they will work properly. If I were to practice something like that at the college and if I made a mistake, thats why they are here to help us along the way because everyone makes mistakes in life. If there’s something I don’t know they will show me how to do it or to make it look easier and understand easier. With the help from the teachers from the college, it will lead me to my education and graduate.

Who inspired me with getting a job for Union Pacific and their steam program? First of all, my Grandpa inspired me because he used to be a train engineer for 30 years for the Burlington Northern Railroad. He also inspired me with trains. The Union Pacific Steam Crew of Cheyenne, Wyoming also inspired me of getting a job for them. I have met them many times in person and they are always so nice and respectful and I have always shared my thoughts or ideas with them. The steam crew has also giving me a ride in the cab of one of their big steam engines once.

In the end when I graduate from college, I will certainly want a job for the Union Pacific Steam Crew in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I want this job because it sure does look like fun but it’s not just fun, its also very difficult to do too. Besides, I don’t want a job thats bores me to death, I’ve always wanted a job that is fun to do!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ode to O'Neill

O'Neill, Nebraska,
Home of the O'Neill Eagles.
Worlds Largest Shamrock,
very shocking.
Public Schools,
always ready to learn.
Local businesses,
always there for you.
Friends and Family,
is our main role in O'Neill.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Kenefick Park/ Lauritzen Gardens

If you were to visit a place anywhere in Nebraska with trains big and small, then you should visit Kenefick Park/ Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha. Lauritzen has a wonderful building which is filled with beautiful plants, tables/ benches, a gift shop and Garden scale (G-Scale) model trains that run indoors and out. Every season, the plants in the building changes, but I think that christmas is the best out of all of them! Inside is filled with poinsettias, model trains running on track and a dramatic band that plays christmas carols. In the summer, there's a back door of the building which leads to a maze of billions of more model trains and beautiful gardens. In my opinion, I think that Lauriten Gardens is the best gardens in the state of Nebraska! 
But where are the real trains? Outside the front door of the wonderful building, there's a concrete sidewalk that leads to a hill and a large stairway which seem to go on for miles. Once you get to the top of the stairway, there is a curved walkway that lead to two of the most legendary trains of all time! These engines on top of this hill are the largest locomotives ever produced both steam and diesel. Both of them were made by my favorite railroad, the Union Pacific. These legends are called the "Big Boy" and the "Centennial". Union Pacific was known for having the largest locomotives ever built for both steam and diesel. The Big Boy was the largest steam locomotive ever built, and the Centennial was the largest diesel electric ever built. This Big Boy numbered 4023 has "lived" in Omaha for 40 years now. For as the Centennial numbered 6900 has lived here for over 25 years. There are steel fences that surround the engines like force fields. However a lot of people break those rules by going under or over the fence to climb on these beasts (one of those would be me). Besides 6900 and 4023, you can even see the historical Missouri River where Nebraska meets its neighboring state Iowa. In front of you, you will see Interstate 80 and looking a little to the west, you see the Desert Dome of the Henry Doorly Zoo. People on the interstate can see the Big Boy and the Centennial and words that read Kenefick Park or Welcome to Omaha from the people who have just crossed the border into Beautiful Nebraska. This place is also one of the most relaxing places too. You can have picnics or just relax on the benches which seem to be made by angels. The bad part is when its time to leave. Now if you want to visit a place anywhere in Nebraska which has garden scale trains runnig through gardens or just to look at some of the most legendary trains of all time, Kenefick Park/ Lauritzen Gardens is the perfect example! That's how the gardens and the park are so special to Nebraska.